December Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

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December is here, and you’re so busy with holiday parties and running your real estate business that you have no idea what to post on your real estate Instagram and Facebook accounts this December.

Don’t worry, I have a few December real estate marketing post ideas for you…

Social Media Post Ideas

National Cookie Day (Dec 4) – Share your favorite local places to get cookies as a carousel post. Incorporate this holiday into your client experience by bringing cookies to your showings and appointments.

Market Update – What’s going on in your local market? The weather may be cold, but the market is at lest still relatively hot. Share all the latest stats and share your predictions on what’s going to happen to the market in 2022.

Candle Day – If you have a female audience, make sure you let them know when it’s Bed, Bath, and Bodywork’s annual Candle Day where all their 3-wick candles are $9.50. (I think Candle Day should be Dec 3-5).

Fit It Friday – It’s easy for houses to match the weather, feeling dark and gloomy in the winter. Share a few of your favorite tips on how to make your house feel merry & bright.

Just Listed – Showcase the gingerbread house you built as if it was your latest and greatest listing. Make up a sweet description and a slightly salty price.

Christmas Countdown – As we lead into Christmas, do a real estate related countdown. 5 types of mortgages. 4 common contingencies. 3 ways to connect. 2 types of agents. 1 person to call.

Year Wrap-Up – You survived 2021. Share some of your biggest accomplishments, letdowns, and takeaways. Remember that at the end of the day, your clients are the heroes of the story, not you. You’re simply the guide.

Instagram Story Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Christmas This or That – Use the Poll sticker and ask your audience to choose between 2 different Christmas-related things. (Chocolate vs Peppermint; Eggnog vs Hot Chocolate; Santa vs Elves; Star vs Angel; Hallmark ornaments vs Balls; etc)

Ultimate Christmas Movie Guide – For each streaming platform (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc) create a list of available holiday movies. Each platform gets its own Story slide or two. At the end, ask your audience which platform is their favorite.

Holiday Décor Showcase – I bet you’re decorating your home for Christmas, right? Show off your décor and put a Slider Sticker on each Story. Use the new “Add Yours” Sticker feature within Instagram to invite your audience to share their Christmas décor. Make sure you send each person some sort of follow-up message when they share with you.

Christmas Story – If you’re a Christian, share the Christmas story with a few verses per slide.

Holiday Trivia – Quiz your audience about popular Christmas topics. To do this, make sure you use the Quiz Sticker within Instagram Stories.

Tacky Light Tour – Check out to find all the homes near you that do Christmas lights sync’d to music. Give your audience a list of these homes… or go the extra mile and show snippets of each light show. Give a call-to-action of “You can tour this homes yourself, but if you’re looking to tour a home for sale, give me a call!” or “Looking to buy a home? I’ll give you a tour that’s even better than this!”

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