Fall Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

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Let’s dive in…

Ready to pull out your pumpkin spice candles for your next real estate open house? Fall is starting to fall upon us, which means it’s time to start your fall marketing for your real estate business.

Here’s a few unique fall real estate marketing ideas…

This or That: Fall Edition

Instagram Stories offers a “Poll” sticker where you can ask your audience to choose between 2 different options. Create a series of “this or that” Stories. Here’s some ideas to get your started…

Cinnamon Pumpkin or flannel
Apple pie or pumpkin pie
Hay ride or corn maze
Movie or book
Scary movie or haunted house
Bonfire night or football game
Hot chocolate or coffee
Ghosts or wizards
Sweaters or flannel
Pumpkin patch or apple orchard
Apple cider or Pumpkin spice late

You can also go do a fall décor themed This or That as well.

While this may not be specifically real estate related, you’ll likely get a ton of engagement on these posts. When the algorithm sees that the content you’re providing is engaging and “valuable” to your audience, it’ll start showing more of your content to them.

This means that your content that isn’t real estate related but is still engaging is actually helping you get more of your real estate content seen by other people.

Local Love: Pumpkin Patches

Everyone loves a good pumpkin patch! As Halloween approaches, share a list of the best pumpkin patches in your local market.

Turn this into a carousel post for maximum engagement. On the first slide, the text should say something like “Top 5 Pumpkin Patches in Marietta.” Underneath your text, put an arrow pointing to the right so people know to swipe.

Then put each pumpkin patch with a short descriptor on a slide. Do one pumpkin patch per slide.

Your final slide should be some type of call to action. It could be to follow you for more local content, comment with their favorite pumpkin patch, or something else.

Frightful Friday Series

Every real estate agent has their own set of horror stories – or has at least heard a number of horror stories.

The dad showed up at the inspection.

The new homeowner didn’t get homeowners insurance while renovating and the house burned down.

You and your client arrived for a home showing – only to find the homeowner was there… and naked.

Do a series of posts sharing the horror story… and then how you work (or advise) to ensure your clients never have to encounter their own real estate horror stories.

Decorating Time Lapse

Create an Instagram Reel of a timelapse of you getting an area of your home decorated for Fall. It could be your fireplace, the front porch, or another space.

If you have an iPhone, you can record a timelapse straight from your phone’s native camera app. Then, upload it to Reels, add some background music, and BOOM! You have a Reel!

Make sure you add a caption and hashtags as well!

Customizable real estate social media posts for realtors

Football Frenzy

It’s football season! Whether you absolutely love cheering on your favorite SEC football team or just want to show a little local support, going all-in on football is likely to score you a touchdown with your audience.

Pick a division – SEC, ACC, NFL, local high school, or another division.

Each week, do a “this or that” in your Instagram Stories for each of the match-ups in your division.

Audience members who engage get 1 point for every matchup they guess correctly. The person with the most points at the end of the week wins!

Make it into a competition with a prize either every week or at the end of the season.

Candy Competition

Remember when you were little and your teacher had everyone in the class guess the number of items in the big glass jar? Turn this into a digital competition for your audience with a local prize for whoever guesses the closest.

Do a 360 video of you going around the jar or a video of you holding the jar. You want to give people a little bit of a perspective of how big the container is.

To enter, people need to 1) FOLLOW you, 2) TAG a friend in the comments, and 3) comment with their answer.

The person who does all 3 and gets the closest to the correct amount wins a gift card to a local business.

Make sure you tag the business in your post, and if you want to go the extra mile, ask them privately to share your post with their audience.

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