February Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

your social media just got easier…

Let’s dive in…

The Spring real estate market is creeping up on us, so it’s time to go full-force with your real estate social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram.

You know that social media marketing is the future, but the thought of coming up with content is overwhelming.

I mean what the heck do you post?!?!?

Well thank goodness, you’re in luck.

Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

Groundhogs Day – No matter what the groundhog says, the Spring market is right around the corner

February Maintenance Tasks – What preventative maintenance tasks do homeowners need to get done around the house?

Mortgage Monday – What goes into your credit score and why does it matter?

Love at First Sight – If you don’t fall in love with the home you’re touring the moment you pull up, could it still be your dream home?

Real Estate FAQ – Is offering the asking price enough to get your offer accepted?

Pre-Photography Checklist – Give homeowners a list of everything they need to do before you send in your professional real estate photographer.

Valentine’s Day – Share 5 things you LOVE about the community where you live.

Home Security – Warn buyers that home security systems can hear you and the sellers are listening!

Real Estate FAQ – Why do some listings sit on the market and rot, despite it being a seller’s market?

Instant Offer Sites – Share the pros & cons of using an instant offer site.

Instagram Story Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Black History Month Quiz – Use the Quiz Sticker to create a series of slides quizzing your audience related to Black History & homeownership.

Listing Stats – Share the “stats” of one of your most recent listings – or the “stats” of another house. What was the listing price? How many showings, offers, etc. What was the final sale price? For each stat give audience the choice of which number they think was correct. Make sure to share the correct answers! Make sure to go back and respond to everyone who engages with your Story.

Vendor Shoutout – Give your professional real estate photographer a bit of love by sharing their info & a testimonial. The more you support them, the more they’ll support you.

Local Love – One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to give some local love to your local businesses that you love. Once a week (or more), go visit a local business and create a few Instagram Stories about that store. Save all this to your Instagram Highlights under the category “Local Love.” Be sure to use Stickers to get more engagement.


Now if you’d like to fast track your content creation, I want to let you in on a little secret. *lowers voice* I already have all the captions written out for you. They’re in February’s edition of The Abundant Agent Membership. Plus, you also get graphics, caption templates, and Instagram Stories – all for just $27. Click here to access it.

Now I also need share something ESSENTIAL to your social media success.

Social media is meant to be social. If you want the algorithms to work in your favor, you can’t just post. You also have to engage.

Spent 15 minutes before & after you post to engage with people you follow, your followers, and other local users.

(If you want my full engagement strategy, it’s covered in the February’s membership strategy guide.)

Make sense?

Engage. Post. Engage. Repeat.


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