January Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas

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Let’s dive in…

Let’s kickstart your January real estate social media marketing strategy with some of the best real estate content ideas you’ve heard.

But before I get there, if you’re not yet using social media for your real estate business, here’s a couple reasons to jump on the bandwagon ASAP:

  • Your audience & Sphere of Influence is already on social media. 72% of US adults use at least one form of social media. So why waste your time, gas, and energy going from door to door to stay top of mind with your Sphere when you can reach them FOR FREE with social media?
  • Speaking of which, social media is FREE. Direct mail costs money. Pop-bys cost money. Billboards cost money. Your phone costs money. Social media is FREE. You can connect with your audience AND reach new people in your local community for free using social media.
  • Since social media allows you to connect with people on a bigger scale, it’s going to save you a ton of time. You can ditch all those 1-to-1 marketing methods like cold calling and start reaching more people in the same amount of time through social media.

Now let’s dive into what to post on your real estate social media profiles in January…

Social Media Post Ideas

January 1 – Share you 2022 personal and real estate goals. Ask your audience what their #1 goal is for the new year.

January 2 – You’ve put off home maintenance long enough with the holidays. Share a January maintenance list for homeowners.

January 5 – What are some tasks that everyone should know how to do BEFORE they buy their first house? (Example: unclog a toilet)

January 10 – It’s Houseplant Appreciation Day! It’s time to help your audience brighten up their home during this gloomy month. Share a list of some indoor houseplants that even the most blackest of thumbs can’t kill.

January 13 – It’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day! Share some of your favorite decluttering tips for home offices.

January 18 – Burned-out homebuyers are debating on whether or not to jump back on their home search. Create a timeline simplifying the homebuying process.

January 22 – Demystify HOA fees. What are they? What do they cover? Are HOAs really all that bad?

January 26 – Woohoo! Your buyers are ready to move into their new home. What are the first things they should inspect prior to move-in?

January 31 – Lots of renters can afford a mortgage but not a down payment. Share a few ways to save up for that down payment!

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